At $315 Billion, Amazon is the most valuable brand in the world! There has never been a historic gold rush for ANYONE to start a business as easily and cheaply as there is today.

With over $50 million in sales, Naeem has taught and helped students from around the world get started selling online. Through courses, national speaking, and his social channels, he provides first hand knowledge how to start an eCommerce business.

There are more than 6 million sellers on Amazon, yet less than 1% manage to sell more than $1 million. Naeem has worked with industry leaders in the private label, wholesale and dropship models, and is currently partnering with over a dozen Amazon businesses.

His passion now, is sharing his wealth of knowledge and help those that are ready to break the chains of a 9 to 5 soul wrenching job, and elevate their business and life to attain financial freedom.



In 1995, after graduating, Naeem bought his first property, a small duplex in Dallas, the tenant basically paid off the house over 10 years. Naeem and his family learned the value of real estate early, and understood its value as a secret for generational wealth.

Twenty years later, Naeem, along with his partners have built a portfolio of over 100 properties, including a recent 65 room new construction hotel in the mid-West. Naeem established HalalSky, as a private investment platform to allow friends and others to get a seat at the big boys table, where the real exclusive opportunities are shared.

HalalSky offers 100% shariah-compliant, complete turn-key (read: no work involved, done for you) RE investment opportunities with above market returns. With investors from the US and around the globe, HalalSky has won awards for innovation and recognition in the Halal fin-tech industry.

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